These nanotubes are ordered into 3 sorts which are multi walled; twofold walled and single walled nanotubes. The twofold walled nanotubes are typically the amalgamation of the MWNT and SWNT, both in properties and basic similitude. However, the twofold walled tubes are viewed to intrigue as their properties are decently same as like SWNT, be that as it may, they are more grounded and additionally better competent to continue in extraordinary conditions.

With regards to the matter of separation in the midst of both the dividers of the twofold walled carbon nanotubes makes its incredible properties more grounded. Notwithstanding this the distance across of the tube especially the inward layer has a high effect of its semiconducting properties.

Carbon Nanotubes

Twofold walled carbon nanotubes Film used in the Solar cells

The vast majority of the specialists have showed, that such sort of carbon nanotubes can be used as a vitality transformation materials in the sun powered cells that provides food for the charge transporter transport and photograph era technique. The intersections which are made in the midst of P-sort twofold walled carbon nanotubes and n-sort Si fills in as customary p-n intersections in the production of electron-opening sets that are then moved through the nanotubes and n-Si appropriately.

The nanotubes ensure quite enhanced power productivity and current thickness of the sunlight based cells than with the generally contemplated polymer-nanotube blended structures. The analysts additionally assume that the idea may apply to other adaptable or modest thin-film substrates in the prospective research for the reasonable creation.

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