“Thanks to the digital age, several career opportunities or opening up in a variety of industries. Traditionally, nurses were confined to hospitals, clinics, and hospices for work. Now there is something called ‘medical transcription’ where the job entails offering emergency medical data to people in need through the Internet. Programmers and software engineers also make quite a lot of money.

The industry wasn’t mainstream a few years ago; it’s now one of the highest-paying sectors in the world. Moreover, technology has made products and services less distinct. For instance, a smartphone app can be considered both a product and service. Similarly, there are intangible media products such as augmented reality programs, videogames, etc.

Computer-generated imagery (CGI) is another great product that has taken birth courtesy evolving technology. CGI entails manipulating images via computer programs and graphics to churn out high-resolution pictures, videogame, videos, movies, etc. CGI is not easy and is quite demanding since the people at the helm should be constantly in tune with the latest developments in the industry. Besides being skilled in using the technology, a CGI professional should be creative too. The technology helps create high-quality, sharp images.


These pictures can be created by anyone who knows how to use the technology. To stand out from the crowd, one needs to put in unique thoughts and imagination into play. Remember, people get bombarded with high-resolution images on a consistent basis, thanks to the Internet. So just a sharp, technically sound image is no longer going to take you to the other side of the pond.

Why is a career in CGI worthwhile? A CGI developer is highly skilled and the demand for CGI work is more than what the market can offer. As a result, most CGI professionals get fairly handsome salary packages. Moreover, since CGI is a relatively new domain, most CGI firms are fairly new too or are startups. Unlike traditional jobs, a CGI professional need not strictly adhere to the 9-5 daily grind.

His responsibility is to get work done. And if he can get that work done sooner, then he ends up having more time to himself. This flexibility also means people who prefer working at nights would find themselves right at home. However, the major reason why most CGI professionals love what they do is because they are constantly learning something new on the job. This means lesser chances of boredom and a higher scope to pour in individuality into work time and again.”