Engineers are quite familiar with how important an adequately designed parking lot is to ensure the safety of both motorists and pedestrians. That’s why they do everything to ensure that during construction, it would have every necessary feature.

Then, after that, they make sure regular maintenance is carried out to maintain the value of the property. Aside from that, here are some of the parking lot safety rules engineers must follow.

Comprehensive Requirements

Engineers are required to stick strictly to the federal standards set by the government. They serve as the baseline requirement, but there are also individual states and local rules and regulations that engineers must comply with, or they will get penalized. This includes having the accurate dimensions of parking spaces, access routes, signage, and other aspects of convenient parking.

Regular Maintenance

Parking lot maintenance is necessary, and accessible spaces should well-kept and in excellent condition. There shouldn’t be any uneven edges or damaged places that could be the cause of accidents. In the same way a speed bump should also be strategically placed where it’s necessary.

Although it may seem that parking lots are really maintenance free, the truth is, they are susceptible to deterioration as well. Some of the most common factors that could affect it includes weather changes. The sudden shift in temperature, especially from summer to winter would have a negative impact on asphalt surfaces.

It often contributes to cracking and the appearance of porous spots where water can go through and penetrate the above layers. There’s also UV radiation that causes oxidation on the asphalt’s chemical makeup– leading to damage.

Poor drainage could also be an issue In parking lots, especially if there’s no proper drainage. The accumulated water would eventually seep through the asphalt causing the paved surface to swell. Drainage problem can also worsen over time, leading to expensive repair job and reclamation.

Since the investment allotted in building parking lots needs to be secured by ongoing monitoring and maintenance, it’s essential to optimize the return on this investment, and that could be done by following the regulations set by ADA.

The safety and convenience of customers are something that shouldn’t be neglected either, and that’s why it’s the engineer’s responsibility to ensure that the customers stay safe at all times.

There Should Be Adequate Lighting

In the parking lot, outside lighting should be up high, well-cared, and mighty. Accidents usually happen in dim areas, and if there are workers on early and late shifts, you’ll be putting their lives at risk.

Because most closed parking areas have ceilings lower than 10 feet, even sufficient lighting fails to disperse, resulting in a dimly lit area correctly. Make sure that this is thoroughly checked.


Messages around the lot should be similar, yet explicit. Keep in mind, drivers are always busy, and they don’t have enough time to read long phrases or stop for a while to see what the message is. Well-known colors and shapes are helpful, as well as spaces and directional arrows.

Good Parking Lots Ensure Business Success

Ensuring that the parking lot stays safe is crucial in protecting business assets. Likewise, providing secure, convenient parking enhances customer satisfaction and a good business relationship.