For artists, different areas of expertise have been opened up by the advent of the digital age. In this day and age where the demand for content creation, stock photos and high-quality graphics has truly skyrocketed in an effort to keep up with internet traffic, the phrase “starving artist” no longer applies. If you yourself happen to be a visual artist, you may want to think about achieving a feat both challenging and rewarding, a career in the production of moving images.

The challenge comes in because you will have to get familiar with those technologies necessary for the creation of moving images. We are talking here about computer-generated technology or CGI being put into use in the creation of videos and photographs. This process will require several software technologies to be mastered, because CGI entails the creation of dynamic, static, 2D or 3D images that will then be turned into video games, printed media, advertisements, films, simulators and truly many other different applications.

Moving Images

You simply cannot overemphasize the need today for creativity and originality, with the vast number of content and images floating around the internet. This poses a difficult but very worthwhile threshold to be met, if you are an artist. Coming up with a thought-evoking and visually-stunning piece, receiving recognition from peers and the production of any well-regarded piece are not simple tasks, but ones that a true artist will simply love to get involved with.

It is an entirely new medium that artists and programmers are provided with by CGI. Just like oil or watercolor require the individual involved to be trained, CGI content also demands it’s planning and execution to be precisely planned and carried through. And it is so much harder now since clear and crisp images today can be achieved with decent smartphones. This makes it so important to be very creative and innovative in just how to plan and produce that image which will truly standout. And since virtually every day there are new technologies being consistently introduced, it is so important that the CGI developer not allow themselves to remain static. To remain competitive, they have to continue to keep themselves constantly updated with everything around them.

The complexities of content creation and photography have truly been raised to a new high by the ever-evolving digital age, but you must keep in mind that it is both intellectually and financially rewarding as well. This may be the perfect career for you, if you are the individual who simply loves the challenge of continually reinventing the box!