Even though the capture of a fantastic shot is certainly possible by a photographer, there is not too much that can be done about unsightly backgrounds, locations, weather conditions, reflections and numerous other potential imperfections.

What the digital editor does is to take from the photographer some existing photographs with the intention of making their composition improve, so that they more clearly communicate the vision and then on the client’s remit deliver well.

Very often, we simply may think of retouching as a model’s face blemish being removed before her face is posted on a billboard, but the fact of the matter is the process does indeed go much farther.

Photography Outdoors

Just think about that location outdoors where the fashion model has a few shots taken. Over the course of the day, there was a changing level of natural light as the day went on and the sun continued changing position in the sky. Of course, to maintain the best possible natural light, the photographer continued to move the position where the model would pose but in truth, one can only do so much.

Improving Image Clarity By Retouching Outdoor Shots

From this outdoor shoot, retouching the photos helps to provide the removal of any unwanted reflections that may be apparent in the office building glass windows where the model stood. Another positive is the light levels being retouched and boosted to counter the fading light and to help the model to stand out from the background. A black and white layer is put to use to adjust the luminance in each shot by increasing soft light balance. In changing just how the background will appear, this is of particular use.

For The Model In The Photograph, How To Bring Out The Best

Using artist tools contained within software packages such as Adobe Photoshop is a great way to remove anything from wrinkles and blemishes on the skin, to damages on archived photos. In addition, also possible are things like slimming faces down, removing freckles, altering hair color and skin brightening, just to name a few.

You can also enhance the intended photo for print or web publication by bringing out additional colour in the cheeks, applying different makeup, or adding a discrete tattoo on the wrist or arm, among other things.


Photo-realism counts so much, when it comes to the final shot. It is so important that it looks true to life when the different retouching techniques are completed and that the fashion model looks outstanding. The truth of the matter is that the overall intended impression is lost when things do not appear to be natural. You have to keep in mind that the final shot presented has to look as natural as possible to the human eye viewing it!