Photography is used regularly to promote and sell physical products. The average consumer has a very limited attention span. It has also been found that people have to be exposed to the same advertisement several times, before they will pay attention to the message and the product, and then consider whether to purchase it at a later date. If the quality of the photography used to sell a product is low, it will not catch the eye of the public and the opportunity will be lost forever.

It is the responsibility of marketing executives to come up with ideas for creation of the perfect product advertisement, to be used in a glossy magazine, a poster displayed on the Underground in London, or on a billboard. The photographer has the task of finding a way, in which the ideas of ad executives can be represented and capture the same sense visually.


Product photos are either based on some real image, or created by graphical artists who need to present the product accurately. Whether it is a pristine picture of a bottle of perfume without the unattractive reflection of the lighting, or a bead of icy water dripping from a can of Coke, a real starting point is required.

The real work begins after the exploring of the initial ideas. The original photographs are then turned into something representing the initial ideas and the brief agreed with the company marketing the products, resulting in the products looking incredible in the process. Anyone who’s mouth is watering and needs to quench their thirst, will be attracted to a clean background against a chilled can of Coke, that has a droplet of icy water rolling down the side of the drink as it fizzes.

To get the point across in a stunning way, the perfect image captured and combined with other elements, such as beautiful topography along with a visual style that complements the product and target market would be ideal. The saying is true that “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

It takes a combination of skills, knowledge and passion to create a marketing image, that represents a brand and its products properly. Since a company never gets a second chance to make a first impression, it is important that their product and branding is nothing short of excellence.

When crudely created advertising imagery is used in an advertising campaign, it loses several potential customers, and subsequent campaigns featuring gorgeous photography cannot erase the negative impression initially created. It is essential to get it right the first time.