The digital age is opening up new doors almost daily. It’s astounding to see how every industry is being impacted by technology and new industries are realizing the difference that technology can provide for them more than ever before. The change is so rapid and sweeping, its revolutionizing industries never imagined before.

One example is in the nursing industry. Everyone knows nurses traditionally spend their time in hospitals, hospices and clinics, but now technology has broadened the opportunities into areas of medical transcriptionists and online chat clinics for emergency medical information to anyone who needs it, even from a cell phone.


The field of software engineering and programming is rich with candidates making more money now than ever before, and many work remotely which was unheard of years ago. The thin line between product and services is increasingly being blurred with technological advancements. The widespread use of apps brings products and services together, and provide the consumers with rich content through the use of CGI. Additionally, the gaming industry as well as augmented reality programming is pushing the envelope and blurring the lines on reality and virtual reality.

Another great example of innovation in CGI brings ultra-fine manipulation of imagery that’s used in every spectrum of online usage. Many new innovative products are being brought to market through the evolution of technology, specifically that brought out through CGI innovations. Videos, gaming, movies and all sorts of editing programs rely on the richness of CGI.

Developers of CGI need to keep their skills updates in order to keep up with the latest trends and advancements. This field takes both adeptness and creativity to be successful. Not only should a good developer produce high quality imagery, but the challenge is to bend the imagination of the consumer and push the thought provoking content to new heights.

If you’re considering a career in the industry, you’re looking in the right place. Demand is great, compensation is great and there’s more opportunity out there than you can shake a stick at. Because of the competition, employers are offering incredibly handsome compensation packages, sometimes even huge bonuses and stock options in the startup industry. Often you can set your own hours as you’re considered one the creative staff, thus putting you on a separate plane of employment. You’re writing your own ticket if you choose to go down the path of CGI development.